Things That People Have Actually Said About John

John got a late start in comedy, but has made a name for himself throughout western New York and Las Vegas with his appearances at Bally's, Jokester's Comedy Club at The D, Rick's Rollin' Smoke House, The Comedy Club, The Joke Factory, Nietzsche’s, and the Finger Lakes Comedy Festival.  John was a finalist in the  March Laffness Tournament and the Funniest Person in Rochester contest, and a semi-finalist in the Make Me Laugh Competition.

John was copyeditor for "Finding Your Funny" and "Rock Bottom" by Don Barnhart, Jr.

John also appears in the new comedy "Class Clowns", coming soon.

"We know who you are.  You're that Uncle Junior guy from that Mafia show."

some kids at The Comedy Club

"You were funnier than I thought you would be."

John's father

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"You weren't horrible up there."

Ralph T, professional comic